The resort

On the other side of the Ariege Chioula is the second site Nordic in the Valleys of Ax. Situated between 1240 and 1650 m it is situated very closed to the resort Ax 3 Domaines.

It ski pistes and snowshoe trails ramble gently between the forest, plateaus and valleys.

Side by side you can go from the panoramics terrace to the sledge piste, the cool cross-country ski loop to the children's playground.


The ski and the snowshoes are the excuses to take a promenade Nordic. From the mountain refuge to the doorsteps of the villages, from the mountain restaurant to the playground Nordic... Follow the rails, the trails and the snow covered paths to this magic land.

The Snow Laughing...

The snow laughs under the skis, skates under the sledges, under the weight of racquets and shoes.

Its laugher mingles with joyous barking of the sled dogs.

Friend of the sun and the mountain, it is good humor and pleasure in the hearts of young and old.

Do not waste another seconf and a come enjoy the snow laughing at Chioula!